Arim Cresim

Writing Genius in the works

Questions & Answers

What words would best describe your work ethics?
I'm a reserved and private person. But, I am also caring.

I am quite flexible within reason for what is asked of me.  I just would firmly prefer anything personal with me to stay away from business.

Do you prefer to be contacted by email, cell phone, or phone?
I strongly prefer email.
Any reason you would like to give as to why you don't use a phone?
I'm better at email than phone.
Does that include cell phones?


What do you mean by anything personal?
Birthdays, holidays, love life, hobbies, etc.

If a co-worker wants to talk about his or her life, I won't judge. But, this is me we're talking about with this question.  I would want that respected.
Would you work on holidays, weekends, or both?
Sometimes on holidays.

It depends on the holiday.  It also depends on my availability.

What kind of job would be the worst for you and why?
Customer service.

It would be too pressuring and demanding of a work environment for me to work in.
What kind of job would be the best for you and why?
Ideally, a media CEO. They get to change the world, one movie at a time.

I know there's a lot more than just movies.  But, you get the idea. 

Any writing job in media though would be just as ideal.

How do you deal with problems in the workplace?
I'm mostly non-confrontational. But, I'd file in a report or complaint after my shift ended.

If it should be as soon as possible though, I'd see how soon I can talk to the employer myself.